Friday, April 1, 2011

Next Step-Painting

Well, the Treasure View display box is sanded and put together.  The photo to the left shows that I put sliders in the little drawer hole.  I have to get a new drawer pull, cause the one that came with it is terrible.

TA DA!  It is all together.  Now I have to paint it to look like a Mary E piece.  I am having second thoughts about using the box for the chair at all.  The box is deep enough, but the space is TOO tall.  I have a display box that would work much better.  I don't have to decide right now.  I am working on Chateau Chanticleer the next 4 weeks.  Surely, I should have my mind made up by then.
See everyone in a month.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Get it together-Day 1

For those of you who like the Treasure View kit-I woul like to let you know I HATE it.  There are NO groves to fit pieces in, so you have to depend on luck to make sure it is right.  There is a piece under the pot box, in the back, I am just hoping stayed in one piece.

On to a more positive note-I am working in our work room we built last summer (thanks Steve).  It has an attic fan and and a/c.  I can spread all out, then shut the door and leave it.  The table I am using has another leaf, so I can even build bigger.  Which I will when I start on the oriental themed house.  I hope to finish putting together the Treasure View kit this afternoon.

bye friends,

Monday, March 21, 2011

Blog One

I made the cats for this Mary E. chair, I think, 20 years ago.  The chair feels like porcelain and is a smige smaller than 1/12th scale.  So, I am going to add bun feet to it. 
While rummaging through my art room I found this display box.  It is probably 30 years old and has a stain and poly on it.
So, now I am sanding all the pieces.  I am doing this on the back porch while there is a cool breeze.  This project sould not take long as there is no electricity-I might change my mind-who knows.  I hope to finish sanding tomorrow and glueing Wed.
Thanks, Kate